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Apparel & Home Furnishing

We use state of the art equipment to ensure that the patterns created are accurate and of the highest quality. Combined with a team of experienced pattern technicians who have years of experience in areas of prototyping and production we ensure that your patterns are not only of the highest standard possible but also production friendly.

Services :

Pattern Digitizing - Pattern Digitizing services for archiving of patterns digitally or using time tested blocks for later retrieval / alteration on any CAD system can be easily achieved.

Pattern Drafting - We have expertise in pattern creation for kids, ladies and mens garments.

Pattern Grading - Grading is quickly achieved once the base patterns are approved. After the nested grading is approved, it can be sent forward to the marker making department.

Marker Making - We understand that inch of fabric saved is money earned. Our marker making staff is versatile at making markers considering the parameters of the fabric as well as the cutting room.

Shrinkage Incorporation - Incorporating shrinkages , especially for garments that undergo a wash treatment or for fabrics that have a tendency to shrink or elongate can be quickly achieved using our CAD systems.

Consumption & Costing reports - Mini markers can be provided quickly once the base size patterns are approved for aiding merchandisers for ordering fabric for production.

3D visualization - "A picture speaks a thousand words". Being able to visualize garments, home furnishings etc without actually producing them, that too at a fraction of the time and cost need not be a cumbersome process. With out advanced 3D mapping services, it can be quickly achieved with a realism that has to be seen to be believed.

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