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Apparel - Business Process Outsourcing - Simplified

In the apparel supply chain, outsourcing has become a common business practice to decrease manufacturing costs. Almost every element within a manufacturing company has been analyzed for suitability and impact. Most leading manufacturers and retailers have outsourced vital key services and core departments in an effort to convert fixed overheads to variable costs by off-shoring the complete manufacturing process to lower wage countries in an effort to compete globally.. Just-in-time inventory, supply chain compression and sub-contracting key processes are sourcing success stories.

In today's business environment, every company is looking for ways to reduce costs. And yet, there is a limit to the savings that can be achieved through reduced inventory and lean manufacturing. Many are now turning to Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) as a weapon in the cost-cutting arsenal. Pursued strategically, outsourcing can deliver a broad range of advantages.

Progressive companies are using outsourcing to :

Powered by a combination of domain expertise, process skills and superior technology solutions, MTM offers a predictable process outsourcing experience. We help you achieve your business goals by enabling you to focus on core functions rather than invest valuable time on non-core and people-intensive processes. The MTM BPO transformation experience ensures that the same job is done cheaper, better, differently..... ultimately eliminates non-value adding tasks.

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